banora garage doors

B&D Flex-A-Door

This is a unique B&D offering. These are suitable for garages where there is very little headroom – so a normal roller door or sectional door will not fit.

From the outside the door appears to be a regular roller door but inside the curtain goes up on a curving track and lies across the ceiling toward the back of the garage

  • Can be used instead of the heavier tilt type door
  • Leaves garage uncluttered as door curtain lies toward back of garage along the ceiling
  • Easy to operate – just like any other roller door
  • Doesn’t protrude out like a tilt door when partially open, so won’t blow shut if partially open for ventilation
  • Extension springs enclosed above head height, so out of reach from children for safety and more space in garage
  • Available in all standard Colorbond colours
  • Can be automated