Controll-A-Door S

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Controll-A-Door S with Tri-Tran Garage Door Opener

The B&D Controll-A-Door S with Tri-Tran Garage Door Opener offers improved features and enhanced technology resulting in quiet, smooth operation with unsurpassed functionality and style.

Controll-A-Door S with Tri-Tran — Garage Doors in Tweed Heads

features and benefits

  • The Controll-A-Door® S opener eases into and out of each cycle making for smoother and quieter operation, as well as reducing wear and tear on the door and opener.

Features decreased energy use when in standby mode to provide savings through lower electricty bills.

Allows for greater reliability and minimal interference.

Automatically switches on and off as you open or close your door… the light is pre set to 3 minutes – which can also be programmed to turn on and off via transmitter.

Every time the transmitter is used, a new security code is generated, greatly enhancing the security of the system and makes “code grabbing” a thing of the past!

  • Maximum lifting force: 700N
  • Motor voltage: DC
  • Soft start / soft stop feature
  • Transformer rating: 100VA
  • Power supply: 230 – 240VAC / 50Hz
  • Standby power consumption: 2.2W
  • Maximum door size (area): 16.5m2
  • Courtesy light: Festoon Globe/ 3 mins
  • Receiver type Multi-frequency UHF FM
  • Operating frequency: Tri-Tran™ technology
  • Memory registers: 8
  • Code format: Code hopping
  • Warranty: 5 year / 10,000 cycles
  • Number of transmitters: 1 x 2 button / 1 x 4 button / 1 x Wall button
  • Safety infra-red beam kit For added safety and security, the door will automatically stop and reverse if the beam is broken.
  • Wireless keypad transmitter The entry keypad allows entry to the garage without using a transmitter. Simply enter the pre-programmed four digit PIN, press enter and the door will open. Great for kids, as it eliminates the need to give them a transmitter or house keys.
  • External disconnect kit Can be used as a key switch and also used as an emergency access device.
  • External antenna Suitable for areas that are prone to a high degree of frequency interference. This item can be added to increase the range of the transmitter.
  • Remote control keyring transmitters Keyring transmitters are small enough, and light enough to attach to your keyring. They are available in 2 and 4 channel combinations for maximum convenience. the additional buttons can be used to operate additional garage doors, to turn the opener light on or off and for gate openers.
  • Standard residential sectional garage doors such as B&D Panelift, tilting doors (only track or jamb style) and B&D Flex-A-Door.
    Standard product lifts door up to 2400mm high. With extension rail, lifts door up to 3450mm high.