Roller Doors

The garage door is an integral part of the design, architecture and security of your home.  No matter what sort of garage style or house design you have, Banora Garage Doors has a  B&D Roll-A-Door that will be the perfect size and fit for your home, and in a colour that complements the rest of your décor.

B&D Garage Door Roll-A-Door SquarelineB&D Roll-A-Door Squareline Deluxe

The B&D Squareline Deluxe Roll-A-Door is designed with security, style and durability in mind. The highest quality of materials means that your Roll-A-Door will be operating smoothly for years to come.

B&D Garage Door Roll-A-Door Squareline WidelineB&D Roll-A-Door Squareline Wideline

The Squareline Wideline Roll-A-Door has a curtain shape the same as the Squareline Deluxe garage door, making this range perfect for homes that need both a single and double garage door.

B&D Garage Door Roll-A-Door Traditional WidelineB&D Roll-A-Door Traditional Wideline

The B&D Traditional Wideline Roll-A-Door Garage Door has a deeper, rounded curtain shape, making it a stronger door with a more rigid steel curtain and heavy duty spring and drums for the lifting mechanism.

B&D Garage Door Roll-A-Door FirmadoorB&D Firmadoor Roll-Up Door

The B&D Firmadoor Roll-Up Garage Door is a steel rolling overhead garage door with a square profile.

B&D Garage Door Roll-A-Door Firmadoor MaxiB&D Firmadoor Roll-Up Door Maxi

The B&D Firmadoor Maxi Roll-Up Garage Door is a steel rolling overhead garage door with a square profile and designed for wider openings from 1200mm to 3000mm in height to 2500mm to 5100mm in width.

B&D Garage Door Roll-A-Door RollmastaB&D Rollmasta Roll-Up Door

The B&D Rollmasta Roll-Up garage door is made up of a steel, ribbed curtain that moves vertically in the opening, then rolls up around the drum above the opening, guided by tracks and counterbalanced with springs.

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