B&D Panelift - Windpanel

Panelift Windpanel Garage Doors

The B&D Panelift Windpanel is a steel sectional overhead garage door. B&D Panelift Windpanel doors include a high wind system and feature tongue and groove panel edges and steel surface fixed hinges. These doors have been tested and certified at the Cyclone Structural Testing Station at James Cook University. Doors deemed to comply in Northern Territory cyclonic areas.

Features and Benefits

  • Tongue and groove edge panel profile.
  • Steel surface fixed hinges – 14 gauge.
  • Custom pattern positioning – raised patterns are evenly spaced over area of door.
  • Tailor made – each door is tailor made to order.
  • Wheels have ballbearings for smoother, more durable operation.
  • Pull rope and D handle.
  • Springs designed to last 20,000 cycles.
  • Rolled edges (instead of raw steel) on stiles, horizontal panel edges and reinforcing – eliminates possibility of cutting fingers on those edges.
  • Reinforcing – Stramit TH 6.4120 G550 grade. 1.2mm thick top hat section batten.
  • Double end stiles and double end hinges.
  • Heavy duty track angle with fixing ever 500mm (with option for every 250mm).

Size Range

Available in sizes from 1825mm to 2850mm in height and from 1800mm to 3100mm in width.


Available in an extensive range of Colorbond and Timbagrain options. Available in same colours as other Panelift doors. Click to View Colour Chart


Smooth or woodgrain finish.
Note: The process of roll forming sheet steel may cause irregularities in flat panel surfaces. Woodgrain texture improves the door aesthetics.

Pressing Options

Statesman pressing option Federation pressing option
Grange pressing option Seville pressing option
Turino pressing option

Window Options

Windpanel windows

Matching Garage Door Opener

B&D recommend fitting your Panelift door with a B&D Controll-A-Door Diamond Series or Controll-A-door P opener.


External lock available as optional extra.

Lifting Systems

Doors provided for standard headroom situations, unless otherwise specified.


  • Windows.
  • External Lock Handle

Wind Pressure

Design Wind Pressures (AS1170.2-1989)
Net Pressure Cpe Cpi KL PSD Design Pressures (kPa)
Outwards 0.65 0.70 1.50 2.36
Inwards 0.70 0.65 1.00 1.90

Deemed to comply data sheets M413-1 and M413-2.
These upgraded doors have satisfied the cyclic test criteria specified in TR440 for both net outwards and net inwards pressures, based on the criteria listed in Table 1 for Region C, terrain category 2.5.

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