B&D Panelift - Firmapanel Statesman

Panelift Firmapanel Statesman Garage Doors

The B&D Firmapanel Statesman garage door is a steel sectional overhead garage door that features raised patterns embossed into the surface.

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Features and Benefits

  • Tongue and groove edge panel profile.
  • Heavy duty galvanised hinges.
  • Custom pattern positioning – raised patterns are evenly spaced over area of door.
  • Custom sizes – doors are each custom made to order.
  • Wheels have ball bearings for smoother, more durable operation.
  • Reinforcing for wide doors.
  • Pull rope and D handle.

Size Range

Available in sizes from 1825mm to 3415mm in height and from 1800mm to 6600mm in width.


Available in an extensive range of Colorbond and Timbagrain options. Click to View Colour Chart


Smooth or woodgrain finish.


Firmapanel Statesman Profile

Window Options

Firmapanel statesman windows


External lock available as optional extra.

Lifting Systems

Standard headroom provided as standard. Low headroom available as optional extra.


  • Windows.
  • Tapers for garage floors that slope across the opening.
  • External Lock Handle

Installation Clearances

Firmapanel Statesman installation clearances

Recommended backroom clearance requirements:

  • Rear Torsion – 680mm plus door height
  • Standard Headroom – 540mm plus door height
  • Standard Headroom with Opener – 1000mm plus door height

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