Controll-A-Door Diamond Roller Door Opener

Controll-A-Door Roller Door Opener

The B&D Controll-A-Door Diamond Power Drive automatic garage door opener is leading the way in smooth, quiet operation. It uses all of the Diamond opener technology and with extra power it ensures that lifting heavy doors is effortless and is designed to suit most types of residential rolling garage doors.

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Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for most rolling garage doors up to 3.0m high or 2.4m windlock garage doors.
  • Reduced energy consumption thanks to:
  • LED lighting that uses less power, and never needs replacing.
  • Lowest standby mode consumption of any opener on the Australian market.
  • Fitted with Vacation Mode, allowing the owner to disable the opener when the home is unattended for an extended period of time, ensuring the opener cannot be activated, while also making sure the door remains securely locked.
  • Fitted with Pet Mode, allowing the home owner to stop and leave open at the press of a button, in either the opening or closing mode, the garage door at a predetermined height, providing easy access for pets underneath the door, or for garage ventilation.
  • DC motor for smooth, quiet & reliable operation.
  • Opener is simple to programme and operate for home owners.
  • Opener can be intergrated into the home owner’s security system, so if the door is opened by an unwanted intruder, the alarm system is activated.
  • When the garage door is closed, the motor ensures the door is positively locked, with no need for you to remember to lock the door.
  • In-built automatic safety reverse system, stops then reverses when the door comes in contact with an object.
  • Courtesy light.
  • Manual disengagement cord – pull to disengage the opener to manually open the door.
  • Automatic reset after a power failure.
  • Pulling force rated to 550N.
  • Tri-Tran technology for greater relaibility and minimal interference.
  • Electronics can be easily removed whilst the opener is still mounted to the door for convenient servicing.
  • The receiver in the opener has storage for 14 memory codes allowing multiple transmitters, wall buttons and entry keypads to be stored.
  • Patented door sensing to adjust the force to open and close.
  • Patented door positioning system always knows where the door is positioned for safety and security.
  • Auto close function, so the door closes after a preset time, after opening/closing. Only operates when door is fitted with a safety infra-red beam kit.
  • Upgradeable to solar power, for garages or sheds that have no electricity available.
  • Optional battery back up available, so if the power goes out, the opener will still operate.
  • Can be intergrated with the home owners gate opener, for easy convenient use.

Door Type

  • Suits standard residential single or double width rolling garage doors, such as the B&D Roll-A-Door, Firmadoor Roll-Up door and Rollmasta, up to 3m high and 5.5m wide.*
  • Not suitable for high cycling doors.
  • *Or 16.5m/sq door surface area with a maximum lifting load of 20kg and travel time not exceeding 25 seconds – door must be in good working condition.

Method of operation

Activate the opener by either the door control button, combo access device or keyless entry system, the remote control transmitter or manually open the door, by pulling the release handle down and back toward the opener.


  • Additional transmitters (2 and 4 button).
  • Emergency key release – allows doors to be disengaged and operated manually from outside the garage, recommended where the garage door is the only entry point to the garage.
  • Entry keypad – allows entry to the garage without a transmitter, via the use of a 4 digit PIN number.
  • Safety infra-red beam – for added safety and security the door will automatically stop and reverse if the beam is broken. B&D recommend the use of infra-red beams.
  • Transmitter wall button – allows remote operation. No wiring required and can be mounted inside the garage.
  • Rechargeable Battery Back up – if power supply to the opener is broken, the door will still be operational with he rechargeable battery back up.
  • Solar Power System – A back up battery can be charged via solar power to ensure that shed lock outs, due to loss of electricity, are a thing of the past.


  • Pulling force: 550N / DC Motor

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