Controll-A-Door P Diamond Whisper Quiet

Controll-A-Door P Diamond Whisper Quiet with Tri-Tran Garage Door Opener

B&D’s Controll-A-Door P Diamond Whisper Quiet automatic garage door opener is designed to be one of the smoothest, quietest and most reliable garage door openers.

Controll-A-Door Whisper Quiet Belt

The Diamond – Whisper Quiet features a unique synthetic plastic belt that is reinforced with steel for durability. The non-slip belt absorbs vibration and noise. Whisper quiet operation is perfect for households with shift-workers or children who come home in the middle of the night. No more waking up the whole household when you get home. The Diamond – Whisper Quiet shares the same quiet DC motor technology as the P Diamond and therefore includes all the added features, with the bonus of less operating noise.

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Features and Benefits

  • Quiet, powerful DC motor – gives smooth, quiet and reliable operation.
  • Belt drive – ensures whisper quiet operation with added strength and reliability.
  • C Rail system encloses moving parts, ensuring a safer cleaner looking rail system.
  • Automatic force sensing, ensuring safety for your family, pets and property.
  • Pet mode, allows the door to be stopped either in the up or down mode, at any height, for the purpose of ventilation or pet access.
  • Vacation mode, allows a single transmitter to disable the garage door opener’s radio receiver, blocking out all transmitters except the specified one. This is ideal if the door is to be left idle for prolonged periods.
  • Auto-close, after you drive in or out, the door waits for your programmed time (30 seconds), then closes all by itself. (For safety this feature requires B&D’s Safety Infra-red Beam kit to be fitted.
  • Independent courtesy light, so the light can be operated independently, via a transmitter button.
  • 4 Channel transmitter, allowing you to programme other door openers or gate openers into the transmitter, or to programme in additional opener features.
  • Positive locking, so when the door is closed, you know it’s locked.
  • Terminal block providing connections for accessories ie, safety IR beams.
  • In-built automatic safety reverse system with ISS – Intelligent Safety System – automatically profiles the speed required to move the door and continually monitors and upgrades the profile as the door ages, ensuring the door stops and reverses when it comes in contact with an object.
  • Adjustable courtesy light.
  • Manual disengagement cord.
  • Automatic reset after a power failure.
  • Tri-Tran technology for greater relaibility and minimal interference.
  • Safety Infra-red beam compatible.
  • Soft start / soft stop, gives smooth, quiet operation, as the door opens slowly…then speeds up…then comes slowly to a stop.

Door Type

Standard residential sectional garage doors such as B&D Panelift, tilting doors (only track or jamb style) and B&D Flex-A-Door.
Standard product lifts door up to 2500mm high. With extension rail, lifts door up to 3550mm high.

Method of operation

Activate the operator by either the door control button, outside key switch or keyless entry system, the transmitter or wall button or manually open the door, by pulling the release handle down and back toward the operator.


  • Additional transmitters (2 and 4 button).
  • Emergency key release – allows doors to be disengaged and operated manually from outside the garage, recommended where the garage door is the only entry point to the garage.
  • Entry keypad – allows entry to the garage without a transmitter, via the use of a 4 digit PIN number.
  • Safety infra-red beam – for added safety and security the door will automatically stop and reverse if the beam is broken. B&D recommend the use of infra-red beams.
  • Transmitter wall button – allows remote operation. No wiring required and can be mounted inside the garage.
  • Rechargeable Battery Back up – if power supply to the opener is broken, the door will still be operational with he rechargeable battery back up.
  • Solar Power System – A back up battery can be charged via solar power to ensure that shed lock outs, due to loss of electricity, are a thing of the past.


  • Short Term Pulling force: 800N
  • Motor: DC
  • Standby Power Rating (@ 230V): 2.2W

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