Entry Keypad

Entry Keypad

The entry keypad allows entry to the garage without using a transmitter. Simply enter your pre-programmed PIN, press # and the door will open. Great for giving the kids a code, instead of a transmitter or house keys, or program a simple code like 0000 for temporary access by tradespeople, reprogram your own code when they are finished.

Features and Benefits

  • Water resistant.
  • Simply enter a 4-8 digit PIN.
  • No wiring required, just attach to brickwork or wall.
  • Panel illuminates at the press of * or #, for night time use.
  • No need to give the kids house keys – just give them a password.

Suits Opener Types

Suits Controll-A-Door openers, with Tri-Tran.

FrequencyTri-Tran Multi Frequency

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